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SR296H wireless radio modem

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Model No.︰-
Brand Name︰SR
Country of Origin︰China
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Capable of GMSK 19.2kbps.
High receiver sensitivity for long-range communications and reduced power consumption.
Less than 1ms transmit to receive turn around time.
Synthesized channel selection. Multiple RF channels may be programmed into each transceiver.
Mil-spec temperature range, -40 to +70C operational.
Transceiver capable of ETSI compliance.
Carrier detect time of <1mS.
The current world-wide trend by regulatory agencies is to require higher amounts of data through-put in smaller channel bandwidths. DataLink facilitates meeting this challenge by providing a high-performance analog transmitter and receiver in one compact package. Modulation, distortion, frequency response, and group delay characteristics have been optimized for both voice and data applications. Its very-fast TX-RX switching times make it idea for TDMA system, AVL, and mobile data. Because it is designed for military temperature environments, means it will perform under the harshest of conditions.

SR296H's on-board CPU monitors temperature, and compensates any temperature sensitive circuits are necessary. Modulation, receive signal, squelch threshold, and RF power are all digitally set and adjustable.

Let SR296H be your high performance analog radio platform for the next century!


Frequency bands: Standard Bands: 220-240MHz, 450-470 MHzSpecial order bands: 218-230MHz, 260-280 MHz, 403-416MHz, 416-430MHz, 430-450MHz, 470-480MHz, 480-496MHz, 496-512MHz
RF power output: 5watts (High power optional - contact factory)
No-tune bandwidth: 10MHz VHF, 20MHz UHF
Maximum duty cycle: 50%, de-rated above 45C to 25% at 60C
Frequency stability: +/-2¡£5ppm, -30 to +60C
Spurious and harmonic output: <60dBc
Receiver sensitivity -107dbm for 1e-6 ber
Modulation: GMSK
Data rate: 25 kHz Channels - 19200bps over the air Serial Port 4800-57600 BPS
PLL step size 12.5kHz
Size: 75 x 112 x 28 mm
Power supply requirements: 12.5V DC,+/-10%.

Pricing︰$200 usd each
Payment Details︰T/T,Prepaid
Min Order︰2 pieces
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