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Specifications︰SR162 is a high performance AIS receive only unit, that enables the reception of AIS information from suitably equipped vessels at a fraction of the cost of a conventional AIS transponder but at the same receiving performance of type approved class A ais transpoders .The SR162 installation is quick and simple, requiring only the connection to a VHF aerial and computer (PC). With the optional viewer program you can display any AIS equipped vessel within VHF range(generally 40 nm,for better envionment,even better). Information transmitted from vessels fitted with AIS Transponders include name, call sign, position, heading, speed, destination, type and size of vessel. Alternativly a suitable chart system can be used to display the vessel data.The SR162 is compatible with any chart/ECDIS system capable of accepting standard NMEA 183 AIS sentences.The following packages have been tested and are fully operational with the SR162:
• Rose Point - Coastal Explorer
• ICAN - Regulus
• Transas - NaviSailor
• Xanatos - Titan
• Nobeltec - Admiral
• EuroNav - seaPro
• WinGPS 4 Pro
• Valhalla Global Navigator
* AIS Navigator


*Low-cost anti-collision / monitoring system
*Receives positions and other data from AIS equipped vessels within VHF range
*industry standard NMEA 183/IEC61162-2 output format for compatibility
*Simple connection and setup

Information that can be received includes:
*Name of vessel
*Call sign
*Type of vessel
*Speed (SOG)
*Course (COG)
*Navigational status
*Rate of turn
*Vessel dimensions
*MMSI number

Typical uses include
Collision avoidance - monitor approaching AIS equipped vessels, including those hidden from radar or visual view.
Monitoring vessels - ideal for companies who have AIS equipped vessels and want to monitor them from land. When combined with software, the output from the transponder can be monitored remotely to check on a vessel progress. Data can be networked to provide broader geographic coverage.
Small port/harbour monitoring of AIS vessels where a full AIS transponder is not cost justified
Extend monitoring range for larger harbours and ports where multiple systems can be linked via a network or internet.
Technical specifications
Sr162 is a compact dual channel synthesised VHF receiver designed to
receive and decode transmissions from vessels fitted with Class A AIS
Power supply range : 9 - 15 Volts DC
Power consumption : <1.5W
Baud rate : 38400 default(software selectable)
Format : ITU/ NMEA 0183
Output message : VDM
Frequency : AIS1 161.975 MHz
AIS2 162.025 MHz,dual channel simutaneously receiving.
Channel spacing : 25KHz
Sensitivity : -116dBm
Demodulation : GMSK
Data Rate : 9600
Antenna impedance : 50 ohms
Dimensions : Length: 115mm, Width: 75mm,
Height: 28mm
Weight : 400g
Connectors : Antenna BNC
Output port: 9 pin D socket

Export Markets︰world market
Payment Details︰T/T,Prepaid or Paypal
Min Order︰one unit
Ship Date︰within a week
Standard Met︰itu1371-1,61993,61162.
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